Dealership Facilitator

Sep 2020 - Apr 2021 Texas Auto

Support multiple dealership rooftops by utilizing analytics, tools, and resources to drive measurable results. Coordinate efforts between all teams to keep staff focused, engaged, and moving toward successful completion of goals.

IT & Marketing Director

Feb 2013 - Aug 2013 John Eagle Honda

Responsible for driving all I.T. and marketing efforts for an automotive dealership, including social media strategy development, advertising program conception and execution, measurement and analysis of social media programs, marketing, IT support and repair, and advertising.

Social Media Manager

Jan 2012 - Feb 2013 VinSolutions

First Social Media Specialist in the company. Worked with development team to implement tools for CRM for B2C relations. Quadrupled social media department by proving scalability and demand; promoted to Team Lead within six months. Also developed and implemented the processes of the social media department.

Key Skills

  • Strengthening marketing tactics, digital and operations performance optimization, and identify strengths and correct weaknesses of dealership operations, processes, vendors, and facilitation of Human Resources.
  • Preparing and delivering promotional materials, facilitating discussions, implementing processes to achieve goals such as increased sales and customer retention in vehicle sales, parts, and service.
  • Database and automotive CRM administration and management.
  • Building and maintaining websites, writing blogs and press releases for SEO and ad campaigns. Providing graphic design and technical improvements. WordPress expert. Experience with HTML, CSS, JavaScript.
  • Utilizing Adobe Creative Suite for various dealership operations, including Photoshop and Acrobat.
  • Microsoft Suite knowledgeable; creating Excel macros to simplify tasks. Formulizing structure of documentation.
  • Programming and management experience with both VOIP and PBX phone systems.
  • Providing hardware and software support; coordinating repair/upgrade/installation efforts.
  • Managing on-site security systems and personnel clearance databases.
  • Onboarding and HR support. Training new employees and streamlining onboarding procedures. Experienced with personnel management and labor relations.
  • Coordinating and organizing community and internal events for promotions relating to the brand or company.
  • Driving social media strategy. Development of social media departments, team building.
  • Initial point of contact for customer relations; drafting immediate responses to public reviews.
  • Liaising and building relationships with all dealership vendors to ensure accountability and support.