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Christine Clauder

I.T. & Marketing Director

I am currently responsible for driving all IT and marketing efforts for a Houston automotive dealership, including social media strategy development, advertising program conception and execution, measurement and analysis of social media programs, marketing, IT support and repair, and advertising.

Social Media

Graphic Design



John Eagle Honda of Houston

IT & Marketing Director

This specialized position is the first and only known position in the automotive field.  I liaison with multiple vendors to ensure a dealership where the staff can do what they do best: sell cars. I wear many hats in this position, including but not limited to: dealership facilitator, social media specialist, customer relations management, marketing professional, secret shopper, website builder and maintainer, graphic editor, video maker, email creator and blaster (that’s a word now, if it wasn’t before), computer fixer, TV star, Excel wizard, sometimes-cookie-maker, party-planner, general magician (well, that’s what the staff thinks).


Social Media Manager

Part of the strategy I built at VinSolutions included creating a minimum of 32 unique pieces of content daily, seven days per week. I handled multiple clients in the same industry without creating a conflict of interest by developing 16 groups in which each client would be placed depending on the OEM they represented. I built back-up processes to ensure no client would ever “fall through the cracks,” so in the event of sick days, vacation days, or PTO, any team member could easily step in



I create and deliver analytics and reports for clients and presenting data to client in electronic format, strengthen marketing tactics, analyze trend data, create engagement goals, performance optimization, and identify strengths and weaknesses in strategy.


Social Media Awesomeness

I serve as a brand ambassador, keeping consistency in representing the voice of the platform while fostering the community and represent the brand to align with organization goals and motto. I'm able to maintain existing relationships by proactively engaging in discussions surrounding content, products, and brand. I also work one-on-one with both the CEO and the Director of Operations to introduce new concepts and business strategies, and update social media platforms regularly.

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Houston, TX 77070

I combine my skills and talents in social media marketing with my desire to work in a competitive industry where I can play an active role in a company to add immediate value to their business strategy. My values lie in companies who cultivate innovative practices to remain on the cutting edge in order to gain an advantage over their competitors.